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GSBN:Re: Elvis sighted plastered and baled

On Feb 14, 2005, at 3:11 PM, Strawnet@...:

Did you ever get a copy of the Guide to Compressed Earth Blocks:
Procedures, from Craterre and CDE that we had for the ASTM Earthen
Materials Task Group I was leading a few years ago? . . .

I have one spare set of these if you don't have them. Let me know.

If you still do, please bring to Carbondale.

Hope we'll have time to catch up, and doubt that we will -- too many
interesting folks coming, it will be the usual brainfuck.

I am bringing Kurt Rhyner from Switzerland, co-organizer of the
upcoming Ecomateriales III conference in an, um, Caribbean country that
rhymes with "Tuba" next November (flyer attached).

keep your bales and powder dry, amigo,


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