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Re: GSBN:Strawlocator.com

Wow!  That is simply grand!  Thanks so for sharing.
We will announce it at Conf. BTW: If u have any
current stuff you want passed out-we have a very lg.
class coming Apr. 9-10th.  It got so big-we will do
Sat. to the crowd. then another s/b person will take
1/2 the class Sun.  & we'll do 1/2.  Great, a?  hope
all is well for you.  Joy
--- Joyce Coppinger jc10508@... wrote:
> It's time to start lining up bales for your
> straw-bale project this
> Spring/Summer. Just want to remind you that you can
> list the specifications
> for and quantity of the bales you need for your
> project at
> www.strawlocator.com.
> This web site also has listings of bales that are
> available as well as
> haulers and supplies.
> And remember to tell the farmer who baled your straw
> for you or farmers in
> your area about this web site and the fact that the
> they can list the bales
> they have available, too.
> Joyce
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Maurice and Joy Bennett

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