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GSBN:FW: Intentional Community in Oregon seeks Natural Builder

Passing along as requested. Joyce
> From: Marty Wilder marty@...
> Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2005 02:01:38 -0700
> To: thelaststraw@...
> Subject: Intentional Community in Oregon seeks Natural Builder
> Please post widely.
> Lost Valley Educational Center seeks an experienced natural builder to lead
> us in realizing our visions to create beautiful new spaces and enhance
> existing structures. Experience could include cob, straw bale, light-clay,
> wattle-and-daub, timber framing, rammed earth, cordwood masonry,
> papercrete, stone, living roofs, natural plasters and finishes, and
> alternative foundations. Ideally, this person would be able to lead
> workshops in the same. Familiarity with the Pacific Northwest bioregion a
> plus. General building skills required, including electrical and plumbing.
> This position involves management skills, project planning, and site design
> as well as hands-on building and repair.
> Lost Valley Educational Center is an intentional community of approximately
> 20 members who live and work on 87 acres of rural land outside of Eugene,
> Oregon. We pride ourselves in honest, open-hearted communication, consensus
> decision-making, finding balance between the needs of the person and the
> group and between a fully sustainable life-style and with the larger
> culture. We host many workshops as part of our Educational Center,
> including a thriving permaculture program, and a thriving personal growth
> program, Heart of Now, which are presented by Lost Valley staff.
> We are currently looking for new members to join us in this exciting
> adventure. There are several "jobs" available as well as a number of other
> community spaces for people with independent income. You must become a
> community member in order to apply for a "job".
> We appreciate community members who have people skills, are grounded,
> generous, honest, have integrity, joy, are financial responsibility,
> accepting of others' differences, group-minded, self-motivated, dedicated
> to sustainability and willing to love self and others.
> Folks who have slightly less experience than we desire, can not give a time
> commitment, or are not interested in community membership right away, may
> be eligible for our maintenance team member position or internship.
> For more information, check out our website at <a  target="_blank" href="http://www.lostvalley.org";>http://www.lostvalley.org</a> or
> reply to this email.
> Marty Wilder
> 81868 Lost Valley Lane
> Dexter, OR 97431
> (541) 937-4275