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Re: GSBN:Looking for someone to help with winery project

>Hi all,
>A SB wine cold storage project is developing in eastern South Dakota. We're
>looking for someone to help design and build the project. Any suggestions or

Only a caution about the moisture issues with creating a straw bale
refrigerator - you mentioned "cold" storage and I don't know whether this
is "cool" or "cold." But if it's a temperature that would be below the
dew point for at least part of the time, condensation is likely to occur
on the inside (inside the wall assembly) plaster surface on the interior
side of the wall - so any moisture that gets into the wall assembly will
be migrating to the interior. So you probably need to design and build so
that the exterior finish is tighter (from a water vapor standpoint) than
the interior so that moisture can continue on its way to the interior of
the building - this is like building in the south - hot-humid climate
with warmer moister air migrating toward the cooler, drier interior.

There have been a couple of moisture failures that I'm aware of with
essentially big straw bale insulated refrigerators. Knowing that you've
got to deal with this from the start should go a long way toward keeping
it from being a problem.

If it's really "cold" and not just cool - than you might think about
building the wall, plastering the interior and then essentially
constructing an airtight foam "box" inside the building so that the dew
point occurs inside the foam where condensation can't take place.


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