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Re: GSBN:Looking for someone to help with winery project

Thanks for the information. Will pass it along.


on 4.4.2005 4:09 PM, Strawnet@...Strawnet@...:

>> Hi all,
>> A SB wine cold storage project is developing in eastern South Dakota. We're
>> looking for someone to help design and build the project. Any suggestions or
>> offers?
>> Joyce
> Only a caution about the moisture issues with creating a straw bale
> refrigerator - you mentioned "cold" storage and I don't know whether this
> is "cool" or "cold." But if it's a temperature that would be below the
> dew point for at least part of the time, condensation is likely to occur
> on the inside (inside the wall assembly) plaster surface on the interior
> side of the wall - so any moisture that gets into the wall assembly will
> be migrating to the interior. So you probably need to design and build so
> that the exterior finish is tighter (from a water vapor standpoint) than
> the interior so that moisture can continue on its way to the interior of
> the building - this is like building in the south - hot-humid climate
> with warmer moister air migrating toward the cooler, drier interior.
> There have been a couple of moisture failures that I'm aware of with
> essentially big straw bale insulated refrigerators. Knowing that you've
> got to deal with this from the start should go a long way toward keeping
> it from being a problem.
> If it's really "cold" and not just cool - than you might think about
> building the wall, plastering the interior and then essentially
> constructing an airtight foam "box" inside the building so that the dew
> point occurs inside the foam where condensation can't take place.
> David
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