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At 10:00 PM -0600 5/13/05, Jeff Ruppert wrote:

 I did a google search of the
Willing Workers Network but found nothing.

Willing Workers in Alternative Technology
(<a  target="_blank" href="http://sustainablesources.com/wwat/";>http://sustainablesources.com/wwat/</a>) is one of the numerous "free time
(yeah, right!)" projects that we support.

Essentially it's a simple listserv where people with projects can
find interns/apprentices and vice versa.  There have typically been
some 300 subscribers at any one time since we started it up after a
brainstorming session with Ron Sutcliffe and a host of others at the
Natural Building Colloquium in Kingston in '98 or so (I'd have to go
look at my t-shirt to be sure of the year).  There is regular
turnover as well.  There are currently 375 subscribers, which is
typical of the time just before summer break.

Unlike yours which is employment based, it is generally intended to
work more on the WWOOF model (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) where
there's a labor-for-training (and maybe a stipend and/or room &amp;
board) agreement which is worked out between the interested parties.

I typically point people who are looking for jobs over to the Green
Dream Jobs section of <a  target="_blank" href="http://sustainablebusiness.com";>http://sustainablebusiness.com</a> .  But I also
don't mind paying jobs in appropriate fields being posted to WWAT.

The hardest thing about "free time" projects is that they really need
either a good 'buzz' or they need enough promotion to get up to
critical mass where they can be self-sustaining.

I will be happy to link to these other forums if I am provided their
formal links by the administrators.  It seems like we are adressing
different needs, so there is not much overlap.  If I can change this
forum to reduce overlap with others, I will be happy to do so.

My main goal was to provide a place to advertise without having to wait
for TLS every three months.  Additonally to also provide a place for
other trades to advertise outside of the straw bale realm.  I am
actually suprised there is nothing like it at this point, since it is
such a simple idea.  I jumped into it wothout doing much research, so if
it can be changed or is not really providing anything unique, then I'll
take it down.  I relly hope people us it.  It is not a profit thing
either.  I am doing it in my free (yeah right!) time.

Bill Christensen
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