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During the course of building our straw-bale - to rent - home, I encountered
an excellent initiative in France to support self-builders, possibly of
interest for other countries.

Self builders or do-it-your-selvers with some larger renovating projects in
France can enjoy support for planning - permission - consultancy until
realisation from an independent association called Les Castors or the

Les Castors have contracts with a variety of suppliers of building materials
and as a member, you receive about 25 % reduction on their products. At the
same time the castors pay the invoices after having checked your bank
and keep about 1.2 % to run their expensens. Nice win-win opportunity.

You don't need to buy at those addresses, so its always your choice. More
on www.castorsouest.asso.fr

For those interested in the proceedings of the house you can follow (thanks
Kuba) the pictures on www.ecopanneaux.com/galerie/martin

We started February 15 with friends and volunteers from F, GB, US, NL, D, CZ
and A and 2 possible helpers from Argentina and Nigeria might join.

Actually those who would create a link (thanks Andre!!!) to that lovely
website of ecopanneaux are highly welcomed, also as ....  more helpers are
highly welcomed! During the next 2 weeks, the house will be secured for
so the straw-bale action for the walls can happen beginning of June. So far
the majority of the roof is already insulated by strawbales. Those I-beams
really great for roof-insulation. The construction itself had been set up by
crane in one day. The project will take that year, so there are many nice
opportunities to joining in, preferably a week as a minimum...  If there is
enough interest a slate roofing workshop will be offered by a slate-roofer
from Brittany during the second half of July. I can be best reached by
telephone +33(0)687078763 - during the week - or + 33(0)298990378.

Yes thanks, I would love to mention our project at
<a  target="_blank" href="http://sustainablesources.com/wwat/";>http://sustainablesources.com/wwat/</a>

All the very best wishes,

Martin Oehlmann