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Hi Jeff
I have found the WWAT list to be very active and serving many needs. It
works like the WOOFER forum (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) though with
even less moderation. Information is posted below.



From: WWAT WWAT@...
Date: Tuesday, April 1, 2003 5:49 AM
Subject: Monthly Help File


The purpose of WWAT is to link those who are interested in learning various
skills in Appropriate Technology fields with those who are interested in
taking on workers in an internship type of arrangement.  WWAT is just the
initial networking tool;  the interested parties work out the details

Please introduce yourself to the list.  Let us know your interests and
and you might be surprised at the opportunities that show up in your email.

The intent of this list is not so much to be a discussion as a networking
tool. In order to make that happen, we have to be willing to send an email
that says "Here's what I have to offer, here's what I'm interested in."  I
suspect that a number of our subscribers haven't gotten to the point of
articulating *specifically* what they want to learn. It can be a little
daunting, since "appropriate technology" can encompass so many interrelated

My suggestion, in light of that, is to write a post anyway.  Your interests
will become more clear to you as you write it, and as time goes on.  Let the
others here know what you're interested in, and feel free to point each
to resources that may fill the needs in another's posts.

This list is just one part of WWAT's work.  A number of people are engaged
things like putting together "sample" agreements for internship and other
arragements, and there are "members" of WWAT who are not on Email.

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> I was not aware of these forums.  I visited the Hands for Knowledge page
> on TLS but there is not much there.  I did a google search of the
> Willing Workers Network but found nothing.  I think we need something
> that is a little more accessible without conditions.  This means a place
> where people can unconditionally post their needs.  It seems like the
> Hand for Knowledge program has all sorts of conditions and a framework.
> This is too complicated for the general laborer or employer who needs
> someone in a pinch.
> I will be happy to link to these other forums if I am provided their
> formal links by the administrators.  It seems like we are adressing
> different needs, so there is not much overlap.  If I can change this
> forum to reduce overlap with others, I will be happy to do so.
> My main goal was to provide a place to advertise without having to wait
> for TLS every three months.  Additonally to also provide a place for
> other trades to advertise outside of the straw bale realm.  I am
> actually suprised there is nothing like it at this point, since it is
> such a simple idea.  I jumped into it wothout doing much research, so if
> it can be changed or is not really providing anything unique, then I'll
> take it down.  I relly hope people us it.  It is not a profit thing
> either.  I am doing it in my free (yeah right!) time.
> Jeff Ruppert, P.E.
> Principal
> Odisea LLC
> Ecological Building, Engineering and Consulting
> Front Range Office         West Slope Office
> 5444 Marshall Road        1022 Main St.
> Boulder, CO  80305        Carbondale, CO 81623
> 303.443.4335            970.948.5744
> 303.443.4355 f            1.866.795.6699 f
> jeff@...
> www.odiseanet.com
> Judyknox42@...:
>> Jeff,
>> I am assuming you also know about Hands For Knowledge, which is an
>> international network to match people looking for hands-on experience and
>> knowledge in
>> green building with those looking for helpful workers.  It was begun at the
>> ISBC in Denmark last summer, and is being overseen by Jo Morandin and Lars
>> Keller
>> (larskeller@...jomorandin@livinghouses.net)...who, for those
>> who know them, just brought a beautiful baby boy into the world.
>> There is also the Willing Workers Network, though I don't know how active
>> that is.
>> All may have slightly different intents, but all are so needed and I'm glad
>> to see them out there as a way to match needs and make green building
>> knowledge
>> and experience more widely available.  It might be helpful to make sure each
>> have a link to the other in any website.
>> Judy
>> Judy Knox and Matts Myhrman
>> Out On Bale
>> 1037 E. Linden St.
>> Tucson, Az  85719
>> 520-622-6896
>> judyknox42@...
>> mattsmyhrman@...
>> Each of us can and must champion the evolutionary breakthroughs necessary to
>> sustain all life.  The journey of a champion is difficult, AND our access to
>> a
>> joyful life.
>> Judy Knox
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> GSBN is an invitation-only forum of key individuals and representatives of
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