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GSBN: Digest for 5/15/05

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-> Re: [Auto-Eco-Construction] Fwd: Nouvelle asso sur les constructions en
ballots de paille
     by "moehlmann" moehlmann@...
     by forum@...
     by Judyknox42@...
-> Re: Moisture problems
     by Graeme North ecodesign@...
-> Test 1.  Feel free to delete.
     by billc_lists@...


Date: 15 May 2005 03:33:45 -0600
From: "moehlmann" moehlmann@...
Subject: Re: [Auto-Eco-Construction] Fwd: Nouvelle asso sur les constructions
en ballots de paille

Bonjour Regis,

c'est superbe vous creer une autre association pour supporter le
construction en paille. Peut-etre c'est bien pour contacter le "network"
international pour quelque coordination pour example l'adaption du tests et
creer nouveau tests conform les standards de l'Europe.

J'espaire Andre de Bouter www.lamaisonenpaille.com et Pascal Thepaut
(Kolotec) sont aussie tres capable pour reflection pour une association

C'est une reunion l'annee prochaine aux Canada. Le derniere a celebre a
Denmark. Nous avons une magazine "The Last Straw Journal" www.strawhomes.com
avec toutes les novites.

Moi j'occupe avec les construction de paille depuis 1995 et maime temps
stimuler le "networking" international. A cette moment je construir une
maison en paille a Plozevet www.ecopanneaux.com/galerie/martin . Peut-etre
vous avez le possibilite pour annoncer: benevolents sont  bien venue.

Salut, Martin Oehlmann

Moulin du Roz
29690 Berrien
0298990378 (weekend)
0687078763 (pendant la semaine)

PS: excusez mon pauvre langue Francais...

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From: "Faguelin Regis" faguelin1@...
To: amis-scop-construction-saine@...
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Sent: Friday, May 13, 2005 12:19 AM
Subject: [Auto-Eco-Construction] Fwd: Nouvelle asso sur les constructions en
ballots de paille


Pour info,


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De: Jobz job@...
Date: 12 mai 2005 10:05:59 GMT+02:00
A: faguelin@...
Objet: Nouvelle asso sur les constructions en ballots de paille
Repondre a: "BS-Forum" bs-forum@...

Nous annoncons la naissance aujourd'hui-meme de la creation d'une
association de promotion des maison en paille.


Association Pour la PROmotion et la Construction d'Habitations
Ecologique en Paille

Vincent Brossamain et Jean-Baptiste Thevard (moi-meme), les auteurs du
"Construire en paille autrement, selon la technique du GREB", a
paraitre en juin.
avons decide de creer cette association afin d'organiser des stages et
des suivis de chantier pour les autoconstructeurs qui decideraient
d'utiliser la technique du GREB.

C'est une demarche associative, alternative et non lucrative.

Si vous voulez plus d'informations sur l'association, ses buts, la
technique du GREB, les stages ou suivis de chantier, n'hesitez pas a
nous contacter :

11 rue de lutece
45000 orleans
- --
BS-Forum est un "service public" de Batir-Sain, association pour le
developpement de la construction biologique et ecologique. Pour toutes
vos questions (inscription, resiliation, archives, reclamations, etc)
allez a   <a  target="_blank" href="http://www.batirsain.org";>http://www.batirsain.org</a> et cliquez sur BS-Forum.

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Date: 15 May 2005 04:27:07 -0600
From: forum@...
Subject: Re: GSBN:GBLC

Hi Baleheads,

Since a week or so I have started to add French SB projects (that invite
volunteers) to our website (www.lamaisonenpaille.com). Feel free to link to

At some point this will be replaced by a seperate (french language) website.
I'll keep you informed.

And as for the french language posting that Martin send. It says:
- - a new french non for profit organisation is lauched (APPROCHE-Paille)
- - they will launch a book on a specific SB building technique (called GREB)
- - they will hold workshops and help start up SB projects

Au revoir,

La Maison en Paille


Date: 15 May 2005 12:43:25 -0600
From: Judyknox42@...
Subject: Re: GSBN:GBLC

Jeff, Bill et al,
Again, I appreciate all your work to bring people together and think they all
are very valuable forums.  I'm also glad to know more details about the other
networks.  Thanks for all of your efforts for the commons!

Judy Knox and Matts Myhrman
Out On Bale
1037 E. Linden St.
Tucson, Az  85719

Each of us can and must champion the evolutionary breakthroughs necessary to
sustain all life.  The journey of a champion is difficult, AND our access to a
joyful life.
Judy Knox

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Date: 15 May 2005 18:57:08 -0600
From: Graeme North ecodesign@...
Subject: Re: Moisture problems

Oh dear - why do people build such HIGH RISK houses in the first place.

1) Do parapet walls "always" allow moisture penetration? Any experiences or
testing that might indicate why some did and others didn't?

Parapets run a very high risk of leaking in all types of buildings - if the
substrate is moisture sensitive then the risk is extremely high of severe
damage - why do it?  It seems really fundamental to me that the roof should
cover the tops of the walls - I would strongly recommend re-design.

2) Does 3-coat cement plaster (stucco) allow enough water to penetrate a
and substantially "soak" the bales? I seem to recall that Dr. Straube's
involved capillary uptake, but I don't think that if I had the rest results
front of me I would necessarily understand them without a really clear
explanation. How would this compare to rainfall on a vertical wall surface?

Cement stucco plaster runs a very high risk of leaking, and is not very
breathable either.

3) Will a sheet moisture barrier between the bales and the plaster cause the
bales to decompose?

Moisture barriers are a brave attempt to keep moisture out, but also work
very well at keeping it in, and some moisture may come from inside the
building and be trapped by the moisture barrier - breatheability of coatings
is of utmost importance - lime  plasters rather than cement based ones are
so good for this. 

4) Will a non permeable stucco function the same as a sheet moisture barrier
and cause the bales to decompose?


5) Is there any rule of thumb that would give us an indication that over
moisture content % the bales won't likely dry out, but under that % they
likely dry out. I understand that is a "difficult" question because much
depend on the drying conditions, but I was wondering if someone had reached
some conclusion made from personal observation in their experiences.

An interesting question - over around 18-20% moisture content fungal growth
will start - and mycelium can in some instances seek out moisture from some
distance away to keep the fungi alive - there was an instance in New Zealand
I am told by a building researcher here, of a timber building where the
fungal growth in the roof had sent down mycelium three stories to get ground
moisture to keep it alive!
If the bales should dry out the fungal spores are still in there waiting for
a chance to re-activate quickly so a second wetting will be much more
devastating than the first.

However, a direct answer to your question I do no know.

It all sounds to me like another case of a very high risk design that has
imperilled the reputation of straw building.

My 2c worth

Graeme North Architects,
49 Matthew Road,
RD1, Warkworth,
New Zealand 1241
Ph/fax +64 (0)9  4259305


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Date: 15 May 2005 22:43:48 -0600
From: billc_lists@...
Subject: Test 1.  Feel free to delete.

This is the first in what I hope will be a rather short series of tests.

I'm trying to get the Yahoo archiving going again.

- --
Bill Christensen
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