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RE: GSBN:More moisture problems - Southern California

G 'day GSBN Balers
Wondered how long before we received more reports of this problem with
moisture and poor detailing and or design for straw bale.
Web learned the lesson many moons ago and I am on record at the ISBBC in
San Francisco about the two buildings we built without eaves and of my
fears back then of future problems that I expected with these two
buildings.  Both were cement rendered but the failures are confined to
around the window openings and it appears only in the two windows that
had no flashing or sills.  The other windows that are flashed and have
sills have stood up to the test of time now over 7 years.
The rainfall in this area is quite high some 36äon average although we
are now in a drought the worst in 100 years I still feel that they will
hold up with regular maintenance.  Even so I will never again be a party
to designing or building any straw bale building that does not have
adequate protection from eaves or best practice verandahs all round.
I was wondering if we could publish these latest problems on the other
straw bale discussion lists?  As some of you may be aware there are a
few straw bale houses being built or recently built that are designed in
this style call it Santa Fe if you like.
I know that the GSBN is partly there for the ãexpertsä to discuss these
issues but at what stage can we open the discussion with  this new
information to the others and some of these others are pretty adamant
that these designs will experience no problems.
My concern is that we are not sharing this latest info for the benefit
of all who are or have built in this fashion and when it is all said and
done it is fashion.  This could lead to many more problem straw bale
houses in the not so distant future.
What is our role here?
Kind regards 
The Straw Wolf
<a  target="_blank" href="http://strawbale.archinet.com.au";>http://strawbale.archinet.com.au</a>
61 2 6927 6027

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