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Re: GSBN:More moisture problems - Southern California

Many thanks again, Jeff.
I'm pretty sick of this whole thing.
I think the poor clients are being "led astray" by other "professionals",
and are thus unimpressed by those in the Straw Bale community.

I don't know if the attached would be of any interest, but I think that you
would be able to interpret and analyze it better than I can. I also sent it
to Dr. John Moisture Straube <smiling>.

Frankly, if they do as they seem to have indicated - putting a moisture
barrier up - I firmly believe that they are setting themselves up for
another failure, and giving all of us the black eye.

The architect is still convinced that there is nothing wrong with the
parapet concept.

I think I give up on it and need to put my energies somewhere it will do
some good.
I have put all of the feedback, including Danny's discussion, into a 52 page
file and am about to send it to them.

Thanks again, my friend - I hope our paths cross again soon.~
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It seems as the years go by, we are all becoming quasi moisture experts.
 As time goes by, we are going to see more of this, and it makes you
wonder how long all of us will be in business if it becomes too
widespread.  As Paul put it, it is part of straw bale growing up.