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Re: GSBN:Can you help...

Joyce -- RE Bob Bolles' comment, I have recently seen a slide show in which
a mortared stone facia along the bottom of an adobe wall held in enough
moisture to cause deterioration over time.... the historic adobes were
"unstabalized," and I suspect it had a minimal foundation, and that the
adobe wall may have also had moisture wicking up from the ground

Also, my take on this is that it was a cement mortar --  I suspect this
wouldn't be the case with an earthen mortar.

I have images of a nice strawbale home in Carbondale, CO that has
unmortared stones around the perimeter to decoratively reduce splashback on
the earthen ext plaster........   I'll be away for a week, so please remind
me about this after June 9th and I'll get you a scan of the image.  If you
need it sooner,  let me know today.


At 09:15 AM 5/28/2005, you wrote:
I would like to know what the feelings are about the potential of a stone
surface acting as a moisture barrier. I have discouraged our clients from
using stone this way because of these concerns. Thanks~
Bob Bolles
San Diego CA

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Actually was thinking about stone added over the plaster or stucco,
to help protect the bottom two courses or as a decorative feature on the
exterior surface.

Hi Joyce do you mean as a covering for the straw, or as a plinth under
We've got several of the latter.
Subject: GSBN:Can you help...

We are looking for photographs of straw-bale buildings which have stone
surfacing on the exterior - at the base of the wall, as decoration, or
other purposes.

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