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Re: GSBN:Can you help...

Thanks for all the reminders...I'll get in touch with Clark and see if he
wants to do a short piece about using stone...and see if I can get photos
about the other buildings. Appreciate the help!


on 5.31.2005 6:54 PM, Judyknox42@...Judyknox42@...:

> Joyce,
> It seems you particularly want photos of stone overlaying the actual
> straw-bale walls.  But when I think of stone and straw-bale I can't help
> thinking of  the beautiful dry-laid stone foundation on Juliet Cuming and
David Shaw's
> house in Dummerston Vermont; the sweet natural rock foundation on the
> cottage owned by four women in Michigan, and, of course, the wonderful
> photo of the couple (he in his chaps) in front of their Nebraska straw-bale
house with the stucco lined out to look like large stones.  And then there
is long-time straw-bale builder Clark Sanders in New York who has finally
built a house of stone after several bale homes..it would be interesting to
find out how he came to that decision and how it's working.
> Judy
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> Judy Knox
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