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Re: GSBN:Retrofitting existing buildings with straw bales

Our retrofit next door is a fairly obvious candidate...but it's been covered
in two books and will in more depth in Kelly Lerner and Carol Venolia's
upcoming book...so I'd rather see some lesser known ones come forward into the
article.  Just let us know what you think as candidates come up...we'll do
something if it would seem a contribution.

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> Would like to do an article or two or three about successful projects where
> buildings were retrofitted with straw bales.
> And also articles(s) on what types of structures one should not retrofit
> with bales and why.
> Any volunteers?
> Don't have a timeline on this yet...so there would be more than adequate
> time to write something. Photos and illustrations would be a valuable part
> of submissions.
> Joyce
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