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GSBN:Gypsum plaster on old Nebraska homes?


This weekend we showed our SB exposition on an ecological fair in the south of
france and I was contacted by someone who advocates natural gypsum plaster.
They have started producing gypsum plaster the old fashion way and I was very
impressed by the products they showed on their stand. I was even more impressed
(or mayby surprised is more the word) by their claim that many french buildings
(even many multiple story ones) have only gypsum plaster on the outside (and
others use(d) a mixture of lime and gypsum).

He told me he that he had read on the Internet that the old Nebraska homes were
gypsum plastered. I know that if it is written then it must be true, but I'd
still like to know if any of you have info on this.

He informed me that advantages of gypsum plaster (over cement and lime) are
- it can be applied in thick layers and that this layer does not need to have
the same thickness over the whole surface of the wall.
- it is neutral to or skin PH7
- it needs little heat (150-400 ¡C (sorry, forgot how to translate this to F
(Bruce/Rob Tom?))

Warm greetings,


PS For those who like to know, Coralie is pregnant again and the little one is
due for September. She's doing extreemly well.