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GSBN:Re: Half lime, half cement plaster mix

Dear GSBN-ers,

Some friends of mine are considering using the above ratio of lime and cement
in their plaster.  They recently asked if I knew of any good reason why they
couldn't successfully use standard, commercial plaster pigments to get a color
like mud plaster in the final layer (aka, color coat).  I told them I had
never used pigments in such a mix, but if the pigments consist of various oxides
of iron, I didn't think that the higher-than-usual amount of lime in the mix
would cause any problems.  If any of you have reason to think that this was not
a good answer, I'd sure appreciate hearing from you.

Also, they asked the same question about adding chopped straw to their mix,
in order to get a rustic texture.  I told them that I had only used chopped
straw in mud plasters and in mud/lime plasters, but that I thought that it would
also work fine in the  half lime/half cement mix, assuming that they didn't
add so much that it significantly weakened the plaster .  Again, if you think my
answer needs adjustment, please share your thoughts.

All best wishes to you all from Judy and myself.

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