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GSBN:Re: Half lime, half cement plaster mix

Cadmon Whitty, an active SB builder in New Mexico for the last decade plus,
uses lots of straw mixed with his Portland cement based plasters.  He
reports excellent results.  I endorse the answer Matts gave.

I am assuming that the original questioners are aware that they must add an
appropriate quantity of sand to the above ratio of lime and cement.


--On Tuesday, June 28, 2005 7:07 PM -0400 MattsMyhrman@...:

Also, they asked the same question about adding chopped straw to their
mix, in order to get a rustic texture.  I told them that I had only used
chopped straw in mud plasters and in mud/lime plasters, but that I
thought that it would also work fine in the  half lime/half cement mix,
assuming that they didn't add so much that it significantly weakened the
plaster .

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