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GSBN:Re: Half lime, half cement plaster mix

Hi everyone,

French literature on lime plaster and limewash says one should only use mineral
pigments (not synth?tical) and never more than 200 grams per kg of lime (this
ratio was giving for limewash)

Sponging pigment on not yet dry (carbonated) lime is a very good idea (and
called Fresco painting; like what Michelangelo did in Rome). The advantage is
indeed a much stronger colour (also it allows an unrivaled deepness of collor)
and its collour is almost eternal (which cannot be said for limewash).

Straw in limeplaster
I advise against using straw (or other fiber) in an outside finsih coat in a
climat where rain can hit the wall during the day and temperature drops below
freezing at night. I believe (from observing our earth-straw plastered walls
and from reading ÇÊnatural plastersÊÈ) that water can wick into the plaster
through (or arround) the fibre and the freezing then degrades de plaster as the
moisture expands. If fibres are used on an exposed surface I would defenitely
advise hemp rather than straw in combination with lime.

Bale on,