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GSBN:The Last Straw Journal's Resource Guide - Human Resource Listing

Please share this message with others including associations, groups,
organizations, and individuals who are involved in straw-bale and natural
building as an owner/builder, architect, designer, builder, consultant,
supplier, contractor, educator, information resource.  Thanks!

Listings for bale suppliers and sources should be posted to

We now publish the TLS Resource Guide as a separate booklet mailed to all of
our subscribers with the Fall issue of TLS as part of their/your
subscription, and it's also available as a back issue ($9.00 USD if ordered
as a back issue), and can be purchased in bulk quantity at discounted

The annual HRL fee is $30USD, payable to The Last Straw by check or money
order mailed with the form below to GPFS/TLS, PO Box 22706, Lincoln NE
68542-2706 USA. Or you can fax the payment with the form provided below to
402.483.5161. Because of the timeline, please fax if you can. Or you can
return the form via email. But, remember that email is not a secure way to
send your credit card information.

For an additional $30USD, your HRL can be added to the TLS web site as an
Web Ad. Your HRL listing would appear as an online advertisement with your
contact information and the same descriptive wording about your services.
The bottom of each page of our website contains a chunk of code that serves
up a blurb at random about one of our web advertisers when people view the
TLS web site. (There is also a link on every page to the complete list of
web advertisers.) This is another way to let people know about your services
and, at the same time, help support the TLS web site.

If you would also like to place a display advertisement in the 2006 Resource
Guide, the rates are:

    $ 30 - 2x3 1/2 (business card size)
    $ 50 - 2x4 column
    $100 - 3 1/2x5 (quarter page)
    $200 - 5x7 1/2 (half page)
    $300 - 7 1/2x10 (full page
    300 dpi TIFF file for camera-ready copy.
    Copy design/layout by LS Team - ask about pricing

Funds from Human Resource Listings, single copy sales and bulk orders of the
resource guide, and display advertising support the annual Resource Guide.







Email Address

Web Site Address

Payment Method:

Check/Money Order

Credit Card #

Credit Card Expiration Date

Name on Face of Credit Card

A = Architect
B = Builder
BR = Bale Resources
CO = Codes Official
D = Designer
D/B = Design/Build
IR = Information Resource
O/B - Owner/Builder
X = Other/Miscellaneous (please describe in a word or two)