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Re: GSBN:COSBA proposal

Yes, we do need this to happen.  It makes no sense
using green, sustainable materials & having them cost
more & not getting a break for being good to the
planet.  Yah for Richard!  We're totally in his
corner!!! If we can get this to happen, it may be more
of an incentive for others to build w/ s/b!!!!  joy

--- Joyce Coppinger jc10508@... wrote:

> Just want to let you know about an effort being made
> by the Colorado Straw
> Building Association.
> Richard McCutcheon, one of COSBA's founding members,
> is working with a
> Colorado state representative to craft a proposal
> for a sales tax rebate for
> alternative building materials. We need a lot of
> help working out the
> details on this one and could use any ideas,
> suggestions, legal guidance and
> inspiration you have to offer. If this sounds like
> something youâre
> interested in, please see Richardâs letter at
> www.coloradostrawbale.org/altconsttaxrebate.pdf and
> let him know how you can
> help.
> We'll follow this and let everyone know how this
> progresses in future
> issue(s) of The Last Straw.
> Joyce
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Maurice and Joy Bennett

You must be the change you want to see in the world.   Gandhi