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Re: GSBN:A note about Mark Piepkorn

Oh my, such a young fellow, mark!  iam so sorry to
hear of this & we would love to reach him, altho, we
do not seem to have a contact how.  Can you help us??
Is there anything we can do?  where is mark now?  hard
to keep track of that fellow.
Joyce, hope all is well & take care & thanks for
letting us know this.

--- Joyce Coppinger jc10508@... wrote:

> Hello everyone and you, too, Mark,
> I dont' know if you have heard that Mark Piepkorn
> had a heart attack while
> he was at the Peaceweavers' Natural Building
> Colloquium a week ago. He was
> hospitalized for a few days for surgery to insert a
> stent in a blocked
> artery for a few days but is now at home
> recuperating. The people at
> Peaceweavers in Bath NY along Satomi and Tom Lander
> did a wonderful job of
> getting Mark to the hospital quickly and helping
> Mark and Sarah through this
> difficulty. Kind words and a gentle nudge to
> encourage Mark to follow
> doctor's orders would probably be appreciated.
> Mark, Very glad to hear you are home recuperating
> now. Take care of
> yourself!
> Joyce
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