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GSBN:Recovery diet for Mark Piepkorn

Dear Mark,

After operations such as you have recently undergone, duck-chow is the
recommended dietary supplement.   Begin with small amounts, perhaps a shovelfull
before each meal, working up gradually to a maximum of a two-gallon bucket.
Some patients find that alternating spoonfulls of the duck-chow with large gulps
of their favorite alcoholic beverage makes the medicine go down a little
easier, especially as one gets further into the regimen.

All best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery!

Dr. Patched Atoms (aka Matts Myhrman)

[writer's note:   In order to fully appreciate the grotesque humor embedded
in the note above, one needs to know that in some European language (German?
Dutch?), Mark's last name, loosely translated into English, is duck grain.