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Re: GSBN:Cold storage?

Hi Andre
I have seen one in Adelaide, Australia. It was used a refrigerator not
freezer. They had insulated sliding door on the front. This was used to keep
the produce from the property cool. I'll try and get some more information
about it . Photo attached is with Lance Kairl sabale@...
and Ann-Marie the owner.
Happy Baling

Chris Newton
Earth-n-Straw Pty Ltd
phone: 041 319 5585
web: www.newtonhouse.info/straw.htm

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Hello everyone,

A question that I receive more and more is:
Can SB be used for cold storage?
And if so, can we go well below freezing (-20¡C)?

Typically these refrigerators/freezers are (more or less?) airtight on the
inside. Sometimes people want to put them in very hot climates.

This question leads me to a second. Would there be any arguments against
a (SB) room completly?

All coments are welcomed as I lack info to confidently reply to these to

Warm greetings,
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