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I got the link wrong
Try this instead, it should be more exciting
<a  target="_blank" href="ftp://ausbale.org/";>ftp://ausbale.org/</a>


AUSBALE has already started with a research/literature review to find out
what  research is already out there and does it meet our local

Between our own contacts and the www we have put together the following
list. <a  target="_blank" href="ftp://ausbale.org/";>ftp://ausbale.org/</a>

2. Would like to ask if anyone has any other research that they can let us
know exists so we can establish its suitability to an Australian and a New
Zealand Building Standard.

As you can imagine there has been a lot of work in compiling this
list. I would like to propose that we have a central location for a list
of  all international research - all countries and languages. Just a list
abstracts will be brilliant, and with the authors permission the attached
pdf file. I know there are starts of this on DCAT.

You will note the link above is not on the www. we have not at this stage
asked permission from the authors to use their information on our site. So
guess the door I am opening here has a lot of issues:-

3. Do you have more research that we can add to this list
4. Do we have a site, TLS or DCAT to list every SB research (i.e. title,
abstract +/- pdf)
5. If any one owns the papers that we have currently gathered, do we have
your permission to add it to such a list.

Happy Baling
Chris Newton
President AUSBALE