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Dear Chris,

A (big but somewhat sloppy) list is on our website.
Click "Entrez" and "Tests R?alis?"

I agree that a centralized and constantly updated list of realized testing would
be a great idea. Feel free to use the above mentioned list any way you like.

Bale on,


(Selon chris newton chris@...:

> Hi All
> Just a word to let you know what is happening in Australia and New Zealand
> and ask for some assistance. AUSBALE is our local association. A lot of you
> would have been introduced to AUSBALE at the ISBBC 2002 and 2004. Have a
> look at our new web page www.AUSBALE.org
> We are now starting the path towards a strawbale building standard. Bohdan
> Dorniak is coordinating this project for AUSBALE.
> 1. Firstly I would like to ask if we can invite him to this group. Bohdan is
> a SB Architect from Adelaide, Vice President of AUSBALE and has funded fire
> testing of SB in Australia
> AUSBALE has already started with a research/literature review to find out
> what
> research is already out there and does it meet our local requirements.
> Between our own contacts and the www we have put together the following
> list. ftp.ausbale.org
> 2. Would like to ask if anyone has any other research that they can let us
> know exists so we can establish its suitability to an Australian and a New
> Zealand Building Standard.
> As you can imagine there has been a lot of work in compiling this
> list. I would like to propose that we have a central location for a list of
> all international research - all countries and languages. Just a list of
> abstracts will be brilliant, and with the authors permission the attached
> pdf file. I know there are starts of this on DCAT.
> You will note the link above is not on the www. we have not at this stage
> asked permission from the authors to use their information on our site. So I
> guess the door I am opening here has a lot of issues:-
> 3. Do you have more research that we can add to this list
> 4. Do we have a site, TLS or DCAT to list every SB research (i.e. title,
> abstract +/- pdf)
> 5. If any one owns the papers that we have currently gathered, do we have
> your permission to add it to such a list.
> Happy Baling
> Chris Newton
> President AUSBALE
> Chris Newton
> Earth-n-Straw Pty Ltd
> phone: 041 319 5585
> web: www.newtonhouse.info/straw.htm
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