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Re: GSBN:Cold storage?

Hello Andr?, ?a va bien?
straw has been used for cold storage since medieval times in Europe, and
even before, in Persia.
Ice was collected in winter, brought in as ice blocks stored as bricks in a
They used no baled straw but tightly bound packs of sraw, pressed against
the walls of the "cold chamber", often a dry well dug in stone or dry earth,
facing north (hill, castle  or cave).
 I have visited such a cold chamber in the castle of Chaumont, on the Loire
valley. The hole was several cubic meters (maybe 16) and went quite deep
under the earth.(stone-coated inside).A good half meter thick straw coat
would do the insulation. The ice would be kept all year, until late autumn.
The top was made of wood, thickly coverd with straw. The food wasnt there,
as the ice alone was stored,  and collected periodically to be brought into
the castles cellars to keep the food fresh, make icy beverages and even ice
  Pre-islamic Persian knew how to keep ice on long periods (and even make
ice production in wide pools, on chilly nights all  winter.round).
They used similar methods combining straw and deep cellars.
In very cold places, straw doesnt rot quickly, because bacterias are not
encouraged by low temperatures. And then, when the sraw gets to wet to
remain good for insulation, it is easy and cheap to change for new.
All the best to everyone at la maison en paille!
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Hello everyone,

A question that I receive more and more is:
Can SB be used for cold storage?
And if so, can we go well below freezing (-20¡C)?

Typically these refrigerators/freezers are (more or less?) airtight on the
inside. Sometimes people want to put them in very hot climates.

This question leads me to a second. Would there be any arguments against
a (SB) room completly?

All coments are welcomed as I lack info to confidently reply to these to

Warm greetings,
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