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GSBN:Re: Cold storage

--On Saturday, July 30, 2005 1:10 PM -0400 Rob Tom archilogic@...

Making a cold storage building is tricky business and I would say, not
recommended for SB builders who have no experience in detailing airtight

A tricky business, indeed.  If the future owner wants to build it and
forget it, Nature and Rob Tom are likely to show up in a few years to
remind them that the potential problems have now become manifest.  On the
other hand, if the owner recognizes that the entire cold storage building
is a system, and each component requires proper attention and integration
into the whole, I think there are possibilities for success.

For example, what about building as air-tight a storage enclosure as
possible, and then leaving an accessible-by-humans air space between that
and the strawbale insulating envelope?  Say, 1 meter on all sides except
the floor.  In this space, place moisture sensors and a dehumidifier.  This
approach would cost more, take more space, but would be inspectable and
maintainable.  It might outlive Rob Tom, which would be a significant
safety factor.

Someone who knows more than I do (which leaves it pretty wide open) could
probably come up with an even more effective and efficient approach.


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