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GSBN:A query about flamability and fireproofing for convention hall bales...

Hello all,

We received an inquiry about the problem of using bales for demonstration
structures and events inside convention/conference halls with regard to
the issues raised by fire marshalls about flammability of straw. We know
that numerous demonstrations and events have taken place in many
different locations over the years, but we'd like to know if anyone knows
of recent precedents or has recent experience (especially in the US since
this inquiry is from Kentucky) in doing this. We know that it should be
possible to treat the bales with flame retardants like borate solutions
and commercially available chemicals, but if there is good info on where
this has been done successfully recently, what if any treatment was
required, etc. it would be most helpful.


A second quick note for those on the list who may be in NZ or Australia.
My wife Pat and I will be in the Auckland area for about a week (Sept
5-10) and then in the Brisbane area for another week Sept 10-17) with
some flexibility in our schedules but not too much time or economic
freedom to roam terribly far. Just an fyi in case anyone is likely to be
in the area and would like to connect.



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