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Re: GSBN:Anyone heard of a bale furnace?

Thanks for the info. I'll see if I can track anything down and will let you
know what I find out.

on 8.23.2005 3:12 PM, John Swearingen at johns@...:

> There was a proposal, in California, for energy generation from burning
> straw.  The plant was going to be somewhere between Chico and Redding.  I
> just heard about it during a government sponsored conference on how to use
> agricultural waste (strawbale) a few years ago.  The plant hasn't been
> created, and I can't really tell you how to track down the idea.
> John
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> Has anyone on the GSBN heard of a bale furnace? Burns large round bales -
> similar to a wood furnace. Looking for contact information, specifications
> and any information available.
> Joyce
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