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Re: GSBN:Thatching problem in Texas


I have just made a green roof with a weight of 40kg/m^2 which is roughly 8 lbs/sq ft which is most probably lighter that you would expect.

If you want some more details contact me directly.

On Aug 25, 2005, at 05:48, Thangmaker@...:

We build a learning center for our Permaculture courses from Straw Bale,
Cob and Thatch.
However, we made a  big error, and made the slope of the lower roof too
shallow, and the thatch is  rotting away.
We are trying to save the building and are looking for an alternate roofing material for the North section, about 20 x 40 Feet that will blend and or
compliment the  thatch.
We considered wooden shingles, but it looked awful, probably because we did
not do it  nicely.
Than we thought about very light gunite, donÕt know if the rafters (cedar)
and yupon cross members would hold the  weight.
A green roof would be another alternative, but again the weight would be a
In other words, we  need advise and/or help in the implementation
The slope from the windows down is  in the thirties (I think)
The part above the windows is fine and does not leak, there we have a slope
in the  fourties.
The rafters are cedar trunks, and are already bowing under the load of the thatch, so I would be concerned about what happens when you add material for a
green  roof.
Let us know what you think, we wold love to have you come out to the farm
(100 miles east of  Austin) there  yourself,
Best  Regards
Cas  Vanwoerden

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