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GSBN: Digest for 8/30/05

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-> Help build a roof in Siberia
     by Derek Roff derek@...


Date: 30 Aug 2005 11:28:52 -0600
From: Derek Roff derek@...
Subject: Help build a roof in Siberia

Team leader Jeff Rupert asked me to post the following update on a project
going on now in Siberia, sponsored by Builders Without Borders, Katun, Fund
for 21st Century Altai, and Center for Safe Energy :

Immediate Assistance Needed for Project in Siberia

I am at this very moment in the southernmost region of Siberia called the
Altai.  I am here with a small group of natural builders who have
volunteered three weeks of our time to bring straw bale knowledge to this
cold mountainous region.  Our hosts and partners, the non-profit group
"Fund for 21st Century Altai", invited us to lead them in constructing a
straw bale home at their new off-grid ecotourism center.  However, the cost
of building materials in this fast-growing region has tripled during the
past year, and our hosts are finding themselves several hundred dollars
short.  We recently learned that the roofing material cannot be purchased
and installed soon unless together we can raise $800.  Please help by
sending $50, $100, or whatever you can spare.  Everything we receive will
go directly towards the completion of this building and the ecotourism
center.  If we can raise an additional $1,000 to $5,000, they will be able
to add wind power generation on-site.

Please send your gift to Builders Without Borders via credit card as soon
as possible so that our bales and earthen plasters are well protected this
winter.  To donate, please call the Builders Without Borders office at
(505) 895-5400, or for more information visit
www.builderswithoutborders.org or email Derek Roff at derek@...
Please give today so that we can put the roofing material on before we
leave!  DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL!  I am not available to answer questions
until after my return in September.

P.S.  We are writing this from a tent nestled against a rock cliff, facing
the beautiful Chemal River, surrounded by pine and birch forests.  Our
neighbors are Kazakh sheepherders living in yurts.  We just completed the
foundation with the local masons and will begin the bale work today.

Thank you very much!

The Altai Team:

Jeff Ruppert, P. E.
Odisea LLC
Boulder, CO

Alyson Ewald
Center for Safe Energy

Paul Koppana
Skyhawk Construction
Crestone, CO

Cindy Smith
Crestone, CO

I hope that together, we can provide the needed financial support to
complete this exciting international project.


Derek Roff
Director, Builders Without Borders


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