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Re: GSBN:Author for rammed earth article

Sorry about the previous send which went off before I had a chance to add
this message.

Dear Joyce,

It isn't clear to me what you want us to do with this information.  If
several of us get committments from one of the people you list, or someone you don't
list, it will be awkward for someone to have to tell several of them that we
don't need their article after all.  Wouldn't it be more prudent to have one
person, either yourself or a volunteer from the GSBN membership, take
responsibility for getting an appropriate author?

If noone else volunteers, I would be willing to do it.  In any case, it would
be helpful for the author to know about how many words you are looking for.
They may not have much feeling for the word-length of a typical two-page TLS
article.  I sure don't.

In a message dated 9/15/2005 10:27:34 PM US Mountain Standard Time,

> I'm looking for someone to write a two-page article on pros and cons of
> rammed earth construction for the December issue of The Last Straw journal
> (TLS#52/Winter 2005).
> I have a list of builders in NM and AZ in the USA (see below). Would gladly
> have an article from anywhere in the world.
> Copy deadline is November 1. Would like to have photos to accompany the
> article.

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