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GSBN:re: Author for Rammed Earth article

In a message dated 9/15/2005 10:27:34 PM US Mountain Standard Time,

I'm looking for someone to write a two-page article on pros and cons of
rammed earth construction for the December issue of The Last Straw journal (TLS#52/Winter 2005).

I have a list of builders in NM and AZ in the USA (see below). Would gladly have an article from anywhere in the world.


You might consider adding Meror Krayenhoff in British Columbia Canada to your list.
This little blurb from the Ecostar Awards page
     <a  target="_blank" href="http://www.crd.bc.ca/ecostar/award_winners_04.htm";>http://www.crd.bc.ca/ecostar/award_winners_04.htm</a>

	"Mr. Krayenhoff is the first commercial builder in the world to build
	with insulated rammed earth. Mr. Krayenhoff, has been a world-class
	innovator and leader in the development of environmentally friendly
	homebuilding for more than 30 years. His rammed earth homes have won
	six separate Canadian Home Builder&#xE2;??s Association awards including
	the coveted People&#xE2;??s Choice Award (2003) and the provincial Georgie Award,
	as well as a Western Living Residential Design Award (2003)."

I can't seem to find Meror's personal edress at the moment but you can likely get in touch with him through the edress at his company's website:

	<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.sirewall.com/";>http://www.sirewall.com/</a>

=== * ===
Rob Tom
Kanata, Ontario, Canada
<ArchiLogic at chaffyahoo dot ca>
(winnow the chaff  from my edress in your reply)

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