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GSBN:Re: What is exquisite about straw


I think the fact that we in our developed, highly manufactured building
material world, when we are confronted with such a laughably basic
material are dumpfoundend this surely must be a joke. Then when we
start to think about this concept we slowly start to realise that there
might be something to this crazy idea that it might even work.

I also think there is another side to this. We all tend to have a
perception of how things should be. ie a house is made of bricks (in
Holland) or wood (most of USA, Canada). When we are confronted with
something that changes our perception of how things are we tend to
either fight it off or embrace it. It seems that most people tend to
embrace Strawbale buidlings because most are so hugable. Which again is
due to the owner/builder who embraced the concept of SB building in the
first place. He or she fell in love with the concept, it is such an
elegant solution incorporationg so many aspects in a simple package.
The humble but mighty straw bale.

I often use SB as a vehicle to introduce people to the concept of
sustainable building. If by talking about  renewable building materials
via the path of SB suddenly the whole concept of sustainable building
technology seems so much more acceptable.