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Re: GSBN:Dan Smith for membership


 Funny that you should mention a book-  one of the reasons for
seeking the advice of this list is because I am feeling that we may
need to make some revisions....

I will gladly eleventh Dan's nomination!


Howdy --

I recently learned that Dan Smith, a Berkeley architect known to most
of you, is not on this list, and emphatically should be.  Dan has
designed and built more straw bales structures than any architect I
know of, anywhere, and has a keen eye for both the aesthetics and
technical aspects of SB construction.

I nominate him for membership, starting asap.  Seconds?

PS:  thank you, Paul Lacinski, for a very carefully written and
thorough report.  You ought to write a book!

Saludos a todos,

Bruce King, PE
Director, Ecological Building Network  ( www.ecobuildnetwork.org )
Publisher, Green Building Press  ( www.greenbuildingpress.com )
209 Caledonia St.
Sausalito, CA 94965  USA
(415) 331-7630
bruce@ ecobuildnetwork.org

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Paul M. Lacinski
Sidehill Farm
GreenSpace Collaborative
Mail: PO Box 107
Packages: 137 Beldingville Rd.
Ashfield, MA 01330 USA
+1   413 628 3800

View excerpts from Serious Straw Bale at:
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.chelseagreen.com/2004/items/seriousstrawbale";>http://www.chelseagreen.com/2004/items/seriousstrawbale</a>

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