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Re: GSBN: More on moisture

Hi John, Rene -

The air tightness thing, and lack of loose fill or voids is something that
has been hammered home to me in this latest discussion.

I'm inclined to agree with Rene that the interior plaster is often more
important than the exterior.

By the way, the one instance I have seen of condensation inside earth walled
buildings in NZ was a woman in a very cold climate who was in the habit of
closing the windows and boiling soup all winter - not helped by cement
plasters on the mud brick walls, with acrylic paint, and poor solar design
-it this experience with earth as much as anything that makes me sure that
the hygroscopic qualities of natural (unstabilsed) earth plasters, esp. on
interior surfaces of straw walls will help immensely in keeping strawbale
walls dry.



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