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Re: GSBN:Liberty Mutual insurance + nominate Marcus Hardwick


The Austrians have also done an extensive fire test. As far as I can
recollect it was done on the pre-fab wood clag elements.

On Jan 12, 2006, at 01:02, Bruce King wrote:

On Jan 11, 2006, at 3:33 PM, Joyce Coppinger wrote:


I'm finishing the 2006 Resource Guide published by The Last Straw and
it has
a pretty comprehensive list of codes, testing and research in it. Bob
was working on fire tests - maybe he has more information to share.
King will chime in, I'm sure - won't you Bruce?

The Australians and Germans, maybe others, have done some good fire
tests.  We in the USA have done a series of incomplete fire tests, and
are thus still a little bit stuck with building officials and insurers.

When I received a large grant for SB testing four years ago, I thought
a good (US) test would be imminently completed;  it wasn't, and likely
never will be.  Had I known, I would have funded and done one myself.
Sooner or later we'll find some money, somehow, and do a Murrican test
for Murrican building officials and insurers, but until then we in the
USA remain in a sort of limbo.
Dirk Scharmer (germany) is just starting off on a big test program. I
already sent you a mail, based on a grant of EUR 250 000.- we will have
to cough up EUR 45 000.- I plan to contribute some myself.