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Re: GSBN:I'd like to nominate Martin Hammer to GSBN

Marty would be an excellent addition - a hearty second
to his inclusion.  Maurice and Joy Bennett

--- Strawnet@...:

> Hello all,
> I just got off the phone with Marty Hammer, an
> architect in the San
> Francisco Bay area who has been working on the
> California straw bale
> building code but doing the larger investigative
> work of looking into how
> to move this into the building codes in the US. But
> Marty is also very
> concerned and interested in the international
> context and impact in both
> directions of sb codes and standards development -
> in other words how
> what is done (and tested and how it is tested) in
> one place affects
> everywhere else.
> In the course of our hour-plus conversation, as he
> asked me what I knew
> about codes developed in other countries and the
> testing etc. that has
> been done elsewhere it dawned on me that he isn't a
> member of this list
> and that his work would benefit from being able to
> communicate directly
> with all of you and (y)our work would benefit from
> his knowledge and what
> he has been doing.
> He is just finishing up a very comprehensive
> overview article on sb codes
> for The Last Straw and his ability to get feedback
> from all of you could
> improve the accuracy and make his article as
> up-to-date as possible.
> Thanks for considering his nomination to the GSBN
> list. Any seconds?
> David
> David Eisenberg, Director
> Development Center for Appropriate Technology
> P.O. Box 27513, Tucson, AZ  85726-7513
> (520) 624-6628 voice / (520) 798-3701 fax
> strawnet@...
> www.dcat.net
> "Truly appropriate technology is technology that
> ordinary people
> can use for their own benefit and the benefit of
> their community
> that doesn't make them dependent on systems over
> which they have
> no control."             John F.C. Turner


Maurice and Joy Bennett

You must be the change you want to see in the world.   Gandhi