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GSBN: Digest for 1/21/06

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-> nomination Tom Rijven - moisture
     by "moehlmann" moehlmann@...
-> re: nomination Tom Rijven - moisture
     by "Frank & Ingrid" strawbales@...


Date: 21 Jan 2006 12:23:36 -0600
From: "moehlmann" moehlmann@...
Subject: nomination Tom Rijven - moisture

Hello there,

- - would it be nice to include Tom Rijven. He is on Internet since a while,
spearheading writing a book at the moment.

- - moisture: I had some problems with lime plaster, similar recepy what
Pascal is applying since years.

The bales are fermenting and smelling (during storms) on all 4 sides of the
house. They are not rotting yet. The limeplaster consists of 1/2 hydraulic
and half airlime for the first layer and 2 layers of airlime. We got a few
small cracks as the lime is applied direclty to the I-beam construction.
We've got tape on the beams so cracking will be between tape and plaster and
plastic mash around the walls. It's been not sufficient. Same the lime did
not really dry well. After frost 3 m2 of the 3rd layer fell down. The truth
window showed some black mushrooms as the glass of the window did not
breath. Kuba, who is preparing his thesis on moisture issues looked to it,
good stuff for his research. He will come up with a questionaire for all of
us, trying to articulate our common experience into clear criteria and
possibly results.

We are going to cure these failures with wood all around the building.

The house is directly exposed to the atlantic storms with horizontal rains
of some pressure, changing wind directions, its salty etc. So it seems to be
clear no plastering in extreme conditions, which I thought might be

On the other hand the house is performing well. We heat the two parts of the
house presently with one Joetul woodstove in the morning and evening. Nice

Best wishes, Martin Oehlmann

PS: you might link www.ecovacancesbretagne.com to your site: a nice
opportunity to have holidays in a strawbale house in Brittany.... Thank
you - merci.


Date: 21 Jan 2006 17:49:50 -0600
From: "Frank & Ingrid" strawbales@...
Subject: re: nomination Tom Rijven - moisture

Hello Martin and all,

Would absolutely welcome Tom Rijven on this list.

Sorry to hear about your failing lime plaster. As you already say,
plastering strawbale walls may not be suitable for your particular
climate and frost is definitely a killer if plaster is not dry and
cured. However, we had a look at your strawbale house and believe that
the design may be of greater concern in regards to the plaster than the
climate. We can see why you (most likely) chose this particular design,
- - to build a house that looks like a typical farm/country house in
Brittany?! Please do not get us wrong, we like the look of the house,
but as already discussed many times on all strawbale lists:
With strawbale construction, and of course especially in cold & wet
climates, protection of rendered walls with large roof overhangs or
possibly wrap around verandas is absolutely essential. In other words,
we believe lime plastered walls would work well in your climate if the
design of the house had been adjusted to be more appropriate to
strawbale construction and given climate conditions.

We hope the bales will recover from the moisture problems and look
forward to hear how it all works out with wood cladding.

All the best, Frank Thomas

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