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Re: GSBN:nomination Tom Rijven - moisture

I second this nomination.  Tom is an innovator and an inspiration.  He has
a lot to share.

warm regards to all,

There is no greater block to world peace or inner peace than fear.... and
through negative concentration we tend to attract the things we fear.  If
we fear nothing and radiate love, we can expect good things to come. --
Peace Pilgrim

At 08:27 AM 1/22/2006, you wrote:

Hello everyone,

I'd like to second nomination of Tom Rijven to GSBN now, that he has the
internet connection. Last time I spoke to him, he told me, that he founded
the mobile school (called botte mobil - mobile bale), teaching his straw
bale technique to everyone who is interested. He leaves a great number of
beautifully earth plastered straw bale houses behind him every year, but
not only houses, a lot of inspired people as well. Tom is an artist and
explorer. He would definitely be a great contribution to this discussion.


> Hello there,
> - would it be nice to include Tom Rijven. He is on Internet since a while,
> spearheading writing a book at the moment.

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