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GSBN:Re: Earthquake Pakistan and SB

Bruce King would have useful information on earthquake design parameters,
some of which is available on his web site,
<<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.ecobuildnetwork.org/";>http://www.ecobuildnetwork.org/</a>>.  I would think that the choice between
load bearing and infill designs would depend in a large measure on the
resources and materials available, and the requirements and preferences of
the local individuals and institutions.  The Steen's current system, which
is something of a hybrid between load bearing and infill, is a design
approach that could adapt well to locations where industrially produced
building materials are scarce.

Roof structures are problematic in every structure, and all the more in
resource-scarce, earthquake-prone locations.  Keeping weight out of the
roof is valuable in decreasing earthquake fatalities and injuries.  I have
recently began learning about various designs for light-weight (thin shell)
monolithic latex-modified portland cement roofs.  In particular, roof
designs built from one or more hyperbolic paraboloids.  I think this
technology might be useful for roofing strawbale buildings, in some
situations, such as this Pakistan project.

A Google search on "hyperbolic paraboloid latex cement roof" will give you
some links.  One, by Albert Knott and others
<<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.edc-cu.org/pdf/Acrylic%20Concrete%20Roofs.pdf";>http://www.edc-cu.org/pdf/Acrylic%20Concrete%20Roofs.pdf</a>>, gives a fair
overview.  This is not a particularly new technology, so perhaps some of
the engineers on the list can comment.


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G 'day GSBN Balers

We have been approached by an Architect in Lahore to look at going to
Pakistan to conduct a workshop or two in straw bale building.  This is
in aid of the recent earthquake and the rebuilding process.

Before we make any plans to go I wanted to see if any of you would have
any advice on structures suitable to withstand earthquakes and if you
have any comments on load bearing versus frame infill?

I have been looking at the following web site with some interest:

<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.anangpur.com/f_ers.html";>http://www.anangpur.com/f_ers.html</a>

Any ideas will be welcome so I can be better prepared this includes the
type of render as well as the structure.  There is also a chance that
Rotary may take up the cause and raise funds for some of the long term

Kind regards
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PS I have a new email now:


I am using the old Outlook until I can register again with GSBN with a
my new address.  Also the web site is now:

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