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GSBN:SB Codes Worldwide

Greetings everyone -

As a new member as of last week, this is my first e-mail to all of you.  I'm
happy and honored to be a part of the GSBN group, and I hope I can
contribute at least as much as I derive from all of you.  So . . .

I'm writing a piece on the status of straw bale codes and permitting
throughout the world for the Spring issue of The Last Straw (#53).  I'm
mostly done gathering information, and writing the piece.  But there are
gaps that exist.  Many of you I've communicated with already (thanks!).

In particular I've been looking for information about SB Codes in Belarus.
An article from an internet search stated - "In 1998 the Ministry paid for
the Belarusian SB Code."  I've tried many ways to reach Evgeny Shirokov who
is the primary SB person there, and is a member of GSBN.  I have been
unsuccessful, including using the e-mail address listed by GSBN (it bounced
back).  Can anyone help me here?

Other than that, I am looking for SB Code status, or info on how permitting
is occurring wherever you have experience.  But in particular the following

Other areas of what was the Soviet Union
Eastern Europe
Middle East (other than Saudi Arabia)
Scandinavia (other than Denmark)
Central America