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Re: GSBN:nomination Tom Rijven - moisture

Tom's hard to get in touch with so you might want to ask someone like Rene
Dalmeijer or Martin Oehlmann or Andre de Bouter to try to get in touch by
phone or some method other than email. Just a suggestion based on my


on 1.23.2006 12:18 PM, billc_lists@...

> He has been invited by email... waiting for a response.
> At 6:50 PM +0100 1/23/06, André de Bouter wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm in favour of Tom joining this list. He has indeed a lot to share. Main
>> question is, does he want to join the list? I know he is a very
>> buisy fella and
>> his time on the PC is quite rare. If you like I'll give him a call and ask
>> him
>> if he wants to join us.
>> Bey,
>> Andr?
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