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Re: GSBN: Optimism

Hi Graham,

Thanks for your mail.

yeah, pioneering is surpassing setbacks and it needs some optimisim to walk
through it. If you might look closer to a strawbale you might find signs of
fermentation possibly without recognizing. Mostly the grass content in straw
starts fermenting not the straw itself. That grass its looking a bit pale
and might become shiny if the process continues untill vanishing. Straw
itself stays more robust. Real mold is going to eat it up.

Kuba presently put dataloggers in the strawbale wall and outside to compare
outside humidity with inside humidity. The last weeks had been rather dry
and smelling disappeared. It will be for good if I shall place wood all
around the house, ventilated definitly.

Greetings from Brittany, Martin Oehlmann


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> Thank you Martin - I think we may have found a new definition of optimism!
> If I came across bales like this in a house I would insist they be
> >
> > The bales are fermenting and smelling (during storms) on all 4 sides of
> > house. They are not rotting yet.
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