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Re: GSBN:Evgeny Shirokov

At 7:45 PM -0800 1/29/06, Martin Hammer wrote:
Thanks to Chris Tugby I was able to connect via telephone with Evgeny
Shirokov in Belarus.  Bill C., please update his GSBN e-mail address to the



Welcome back, Evgeny.

For the record:  Everyone on this list should know how to get in
touch with me if your email changes. If you need me to update your
subscribed address it's *your* responsibility to let me know
specifically that you'd like your subscription address to GSBN

We run a lot of services here - various listservs, hundreds of
listings in our Green Building Professionals Directory, web clients,
etc etc, most of which are set up so that you can/should update your
own addresses, and I routinely ignore people who send out blanket
emails to everyone they know saying "my new address is ___".  GSBN is
an exception in that it's a closed list, and I am one of the few
people who can change your address there.

So again, if you change your address, you need to let me know clearly
that you'd like your GSBN subscription address updated.


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