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I have been meaning to write in between all the business in my life at
the moment.  I am sure you heard that I went to Siberia to teach bale
building last summer.  It was a great success.  During the trip I fell
in love with our guide and interpreter, Alyson Ewald from Missouri.  We
are planning to go back to Siberia and expect an ongoing relationship
with the folks over there.  She is an incredible activist and actually
raised the money for our trip.  Anyway, we are both planning to come to
the conference and would like to know if there are still any spaces open
for a presentation on our work in Russia.  If there are, let me know and
we will plan accordingly.  I have cc'd Alyson with this email so you can
feel free to contact her about any of this.  She is presently here in
Colorado, and when she is not, we are in constant communication.

Hope all is well with you.  The conference sounds like it will be much
fun!  Take care.

Jeff Ruppert, P.E.

Odisea LLC
Ecological Building, Engineering and Consulting

Front Range Office 		West Slope Office
1731 15th St. #105		1022 Main St.
Boulder, CO  80302		Carbondale, CO 81623
303.443.4335			970.948.5744
303.443.4355 f			1.866.795.6699 f

Chris Magwood wrote:
Hello All!

Well, things are starting to come together for the 2006 International
Straw Bale Building Conference, to be held in Ontario, Canada from
September 25-30.

Many of you will have received (or will shortly) notice of the
conference directly to your email address, but I also wanted to post
the invitation to the GSBN. From here, please feel free to post it
locally wherever you think interested participants may see it.

As you'll see, the invitation includes an offer to volunteer yourself
for one or more of the panels being planned. Some of you will receive
direct offers to participate in specific sessions, but please feel  free
to offer yourself for any of the sessions you feel you may be  able to
contribute to.

If you have suggestions, complaints or any other comments about the
schedule, please let me know as soon as possible.

I hope the proposed schedule below is exciting and enticing. I'm  really
looking forward to this event and to seeing many of you there.


December 20, 2005

Hello GSBNers,

I am writing to invite you to attend the 2006 International Straw  Bale
Building Conference (ISBBC), to be held near Peterborough,  Ontario,
Canada from September 23-30, 2006.

I have attended the past three ISBBC events, in Denmark, Australia  and
Nebraska, and I am very excited about being part of the  organization of
this conference, on behalf of the Ontario Straw Bale  Building
Coalition. I have always found these gatherings to be  informative,
interesting and very, very inspiring, and would like to  promise you the
same invigorating experience here in Canada in 2006.

This will be the first ISBBC that is specifically aimed at  professional
bale builders and designers. We are putting together a  very
comprehensive program intended to help those in the profession  become
better at what they do, from hands on instruction in specialty  areas to
design issues to business development. Attached you will  find a
preliminary schedule of sessions, which I hope you find  exciting and
intriguing. If you have suggestions for additional  sessions youÕd like
to see included, please let me know. If you see a  session in the list
below in which you feel youÕd make an ideal panel  or forum participant,
please let me know. We will be offering reduced  rates to people
formally participating in sessions.

We have been offered an exceptionally affordable conference rate at
Camp Kawartha (www.campkawartha.ca), largely due to our help in
building them a straw bale dining hall and greenhouse. This means  that
attending the 2006 ISBBC doesnÕt have to break the bank. Early  bird
registration rates (before March 1, 2006) are only $550 for  shared
cabin accommodation and $450 for camping. This includes three  meals a
day, all your conference fees and use of the camp facilities!  WhatÕs
better, these prices are in Canadian dollars! Our space at the  camp is
limited to 250 attendees, and will be offered on a first- come,
first-served basis.

My own attendance at past ISBBC events has never failed to re- energize
me and increase my own network of friends and associates  world-wide. I
hope that you will like what you see in the proposed  program below, and
rush to register for the conference at  www.strawbalebuilding.ca as soon
as youÕve finished reading this!

Yours sincerely,

Chris Magwood

Tentative Schedule for the 2006 ISBBC

*Note: A hands-on component will be focused on the construction of a
new office building for our camp hosts. Topics and schedules for
hands-on sessions will be announced after the plans for the building
have been approved.
* One session room per day will be made available for ad hoc and
impromptu sessions.

Sunday PM
Welcome and Keynote Address

Monday AM
Home OwnerÕs Forum: A Discussion for Owner/Builders
International Development
Water & Waste Systems: Options and Strategies for Integrating into SB

Monday PM
Design and Designers: How to work together with owners and builders
Foundations: Best materials and practices

Monday Evening
            Keynote Address: David Eisenberg

Tuesday AM
Budgeting and Costing: Estimating practices and examples
Publishing: Books
Other Natural Materials: Design and Build Techniques

Tuesday PM
Insurance: For Homeowners and Builders
Publishing: Journals and newsletters

Tuesday Evening
            World Tour of SB: Builders, designers and owners show  off
slides of their work

Wednesday AM
Business Case Studies: How we make a living with sb
SB Associations: How weÕre organized and how we can work together
Renewable Energies: How to incorporate renewables into bale homes

Wednesday PM
Business Matters: How to be a successful ÒgreenÓ business
Networking with other natural building organizations

Wednesday Evening
            Straw Bale Olympics: National and regional teams compete  in
bale-centered events!

Thurdsay AM
Prefabricated Bale Walls: Experiences and Ideas
Testing: Update on testing done to date
Heating and Cooling: Different technologies/strategies and how to
integrate with SB

Thursday PM
Workshops: How to teach a good workshop and developing a curriculum
Testing: Planning a strategy for the future

Thursday Evening
Keynote presentation: A world of natural building slide show
Dance w/live band

Friday AM
Financing: How to obtain financing as an owner and a builder
Codes: A review of the new California codes
Clay and Clay Science/Lime and Lime Science

Friday PM
Entering the Profession: Becoming a paid sb builder
Codes: Looking ahead

Friday Evening
Keynote presentation

Saturday AM
Stock Plans: How to create them and sell them
Training and Standards: Defining a  Straw Bale Professional
Ventilation: Passive and active technologies and strategies

Saturday PM
Case Studies: The Best Sustainable Building IÕve Ever Made
Roofing: Materials and Techniques

Saturday Evening
Closing Keynote

Sunday AM
Goodbyes and tour departures

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