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Re: GSBN:Any SB in Chile?

Thanks to everyone who replied with contact information for sb folks in
Chile. Really appreciate your help. You guys are great!


on 2.6.2006 6:52 PM, billc_lists@...

> At 10:11 AM -0600 2/6/06, Joyce Coppinger wrote:
>> Does anyone know if straw-bale construction has been or is being done in
>> Chile, or do you know of anyone who can be a contact person in Chile?
> Four chilean SBs are in the Registry (one looks like a 'hopeful' or
> maybe just a bogus entry).  Let me know if you want full details.
> TLS and others can have access for research purposes ONLY.
> The two which can be contacted by email are Dane Judd,
> dsjudd@...(long on one of the SB lists, though rather
> silent of late) and Jorge Broughton Wainer, jbroughton@...
> Hope that helps.
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