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GSBN:An inquiry about Pakistan...

Dear friends,

Below is a message from someone at the Dosti Foundation working in
earthquake relief in Pakistan. I have suggested he contact Bruce King,
Jeff Ruppert, David Mar and Kelly Lerner for possible help and guidance
but also think that there may be people in this group who may be able to
be of assistance and so I am posting his message here.

Please respond directly with him, Greg Zaller at gregzaller@...

Thanks and best regards,

David Eisenberg

 > Date: February 7, 2006 1:34:11 PM MST
 > Subject: DCAT.net Form
 > Email: gregzaller@...
 > Questions: Hello,
 > I am developing an appropriate technology building program for the
 > outlying areas in the Pakistan earthquake. Because straw bale's
 > high r-value and availability I am focusing on developing with an
 > engineer an earthquake safe straw bale design.
 > Do you know of anyone familiar enough with straw bale and
 > interested in visiting Pakistan as a volunteer in my organization,
 > Dosti Foundation?
 > Greg Zaller

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"Truly appropriate technology is technology that ordinary people
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that doesn't make them dependent on systems over which they have
no control."             John F.C. Turner