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Re: GSBN:An inquiry about Pakistan...

G ' day DE

I sent this email onto the SB r-us list last night see if it can be of use
to your contact.  It may require a team effort from all of us in Pakistan
see you there mate?

Salaams The Straw Wolf.

 G ' day Balers

We have been approached by an Architect in Lahore to look at going to
Pakistan to conduct a workshop or two in straw bale building.  This is in
aid of the recent earthquake and the rebuilding process.

I have uploaded a file to the SB r-us files section under Special Events in
a folder called Pakistan Earthquake.  Trying to help this chap and much
email between Lahore and Ganmain.

I need you chaps to have a squiz at the file and hopefully some photos if RT
can decipher them and upload them for me.  Seems that straw is available and
they need many homes pronto.

Kim Thompson has offered to help as Kim is involved in Pakistan what I was
thinking is that maybe the international straw bale fraternity could get
together in Lahore and do some demo straw bale buildings teach the teacher
type theeng.

However what is needed is dough rae me and lots of it.  So far Rotary has
raised $500,000 as well as other action see:

<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.rotary.org/programs/wcs/disaster/reliefefforts.html";>http://www.rotary.org/programs/wcs/disaster/reliefefforts.html</a>

If any of you think it may be a good idea to meet in Pakistan let me know if
you are able to have a chat with a Rotarian let them know what we straw
balers want to do.  I have been in touch with the GSBN list and got a good
response there mainly advice re SB and earthquake.

We are talking of 4 million people homeless and living in freezing
conditions in flimsy tents.  We could do it on the way to ISBBC 2006!!!

Anyhow let me know what you think as I am flat strap like a lizard drinking
and got my work cut out in Africa with the AIDS kids and 7.2 million South
Africans living in shacks and so much straw going to waste in South Africa.

Anyhow drop me a line see what we can do together.

Kind regards
The Straw Wolf
Huff 'n' Puff Constructions
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.glassford.com.au/";>http://www.glassford.com.au/</a>
61 2 6927 6027
We support the Rotary Club of Coolamon
New South Wales, Australia
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.coolamonrotary.com/maps/";>http://www.coolamonrotary.com/maps/</a>

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