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-> French building code (DTU)
     by "Andre de Bouter" forum@...


Date: 9 Feb 2006 07:50:41 -0600
From: "Andre de Bouter" forum@...
Subject: French building code (DTU)

Helo everyone,

As some of you know, France is similar to Crestone in that we have no
to follow building codes. This 'anarchy' is very much appreciated by the owner
builders but has a the downside that we don't have the same common (owner
builders and proffessional builders) incentive to obtain a french building
(called DTU).

T support the/future proffessional builders there is a certain demand for a
french SB DTU (so proffessionals can more easily be covered by an insurance).

We hope to have a national reunion this spring, and a future DTU will
be one of the main subjects. Some feel that 1 building method should be chosen
(imagine 15 cheese smelling guys and girls all having a different opinion on
which method should be chosen) and other feel it should be a general code not
excluding anything.

My basic questions are:

- - Are there any building codes (or other documents) that you feel are so
they could be used as a blueprint.
- - How have you gone about in your country?
- - What's up in the rest of Europe?

Any input is very much appreciated,


La Maison en Paille


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